Newsletter of the 41st World Congress of Poets held in Manta, Ecuador, October 24-27, 2022.

Poetry as construction of the soul  was the motto of this beautiful congress, in which we had around 100 participants from several countries, a very important number of them from different regions of Ecuador, which means that Ecuadorian poets felt motivated to celebrate and be hosts of this great event. We had poets from China/Germany, Canada, New Zeland, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Colombia, Bolivia/Brasil, Peru/United Kingdom, India and México.

The Openning Ceremony was held at the ULEAM University with the warm welcoming of Dr. Rosalía Arteaga, President of 41st World Congress of Poets, Dr. Marcos Zambrano, Principal of the University, Dr. Agustín Intriago, Mayor of Manta and Eng. Agustín Casanova, former Mayor of Portoviejo.

It was announced that WCP, Inc. celebrated elections this past July and the new Executive Board is now conformed by: Dr. Yu Hsi, Hon. Patron, Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, President, Dr. Maurus Young, President Emeritus, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, 1st. Vicepresident, Dr. Istvan Turczi, 2nd. Vicepresident, Dr. Guadalupe Chávez, 3rd. Vicepresidente, Patricia Garza, General Secretary, Dr. Bei Ta, Deputy General Secretary. Members: Dr. Mend-Ooyo Gomboyav, Dr. Mauricio Leyva, Doc Drumheller, Dr. Jeton Kelmendi, Dr. Jacob Isaac, Dr. Georges Chapouthier, Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Dr. Sunwoo Ho, Dr. Jaime B. Rosa and Ricardo Bernal, Treasurer.

The doctorates 2022, were granted to: Dr. Sushanta Bhatacharjee, Dr. Edmundo Torrejón, Dr. Jeton Kelmendi, Dr. Francisco López Muñoz, Dr. Lilia Gutiérrez Rivero, Dr. Rosalía Arteaga, Dr. Simón Zavala, Dr. Kori Bolivia, Dr. Edwin Antonio Gaona Salinas, Dr. Mauricio Leyva and Dr. Ezhil Vendhan.

Dr. Rosalía Arteaga was granted with the Golden Gable, award only given to the Presidents of the Congresess. On behalf of the Executive Board of World Congress of Poets, our President María Eugenia Soberanis, granted two significant awards, the first to our Patron Dr. Yu Hsi, confirming the title of Honorable Patron, and the next to Dr. Maurus Young, confirming the title of President Emeritus of our organization. Both recognitions were received by Dr. Ernesto Kahan on their behalf.

We had a full agenda with book presentations, including the anthology, poetry readings in the different units of the university and schools of Manta, the Openning of an Art Exhibit at the Antigono Gallery of Costa Rica at the Cancebi Museum, in which his Director Orlando Sotela surprised us with beautiful presents. We also visited Museum of the History of Manta, and other artists from the congress participating with visual arts and poetry as Ernesto Kahan, Mae de la Torre and Illean Martínez. A conference of Dr. Kahan and a Round Table about poetry globalization.

We visited Bahía de Caráquez and Chona, two cities near Manta. Students from the music band of the university, welcomed the poets with joy, after the poetry sesión, the Mayor Ingrid Zambrano, gave us a diploma as distinguished visitors and a Pearl from the estuaries of the city. In the afternoon we visited an art exhibit of the students and after de dinner, beautiful songs and regional dances from Manabi.

We also visited Montecristi for a poetry session. The Mayor Eng. Washington Arteaga, gave us hats and “tejedoras” (weavers), ceramic pieces, since Montecristi is the cradle of the hat that we have known as the Panama hat.

In all the schools that we visited during the congress, there were always students who shared their poems, songs or dances with us. Poetry led us down the path of love and brotherhood fulfilling the objective of our organization.

At the Closing Ceremony, we granted the winners of the poetry contest with their recognitions and price of $250 usd for First Place, $150 usd for Second Place and $100 usd for Third Place, in both, Spanish and English languages. We thanked the Honorable Jury for their support: Mauricio Leyva, Elías Galati and Oliver Serraty, in Spanish, and Jacob Isaac, Yvette Neisser and Cecilia Woloch in English.

First Place : Ximena Mendoza Párragafrom Ecuador, for the poem Ausencia
Second Place: Jaime B. Rosa from Spain, for the poem En nosotros la Ola
Third Place: Horacio Humberto Mendoza Párraga from Ecuador for the poem Amor intemporal.

The Winners in english language were:
First Place: Doc Drumheller from New Zeland for the poem Viva la vida
Second Place: Zmira Poran Zion from Israel for the poem Waiting
Third Place: María de Lourdes Barona Salazar from Ecuador for the poem Weariness.
The raffle of the “Dr. Yu Hsi Schoolarship” was done and the winner was Zmira Poran Zion from Israel.

The presentation of our 42nd WCP venue was displayed by our President, this will be organized by WCP Executive Board which will take place at the DIVINA Cruise, departing from Civitavecchia, (Roma), Italy, Siracusa, Valletta (Malta), Santorini, Mykonos and back to Civitavecchia, for 7 nights, from september 22 to 29, 2023. Information comming soon.

Once the Congress was declared closed by the Principal of the University, we enjoyed an amazing opera about Eloy Alfaro, Ecuador greatest líder. The three options for the post congress tour were Amazonia, Galapagos and Quito. Ecuador wrote its essence and poety in our hearts. Thank you Rosalía Arteaga and your extraordinary team. Thank you poets from the world and from Ecuador for strenghtening bonds of fraternity in World Congress of Poets.

Patricia Garza S.
General Secretary


Dear friends, you may find some photos at the link that appears at the bottom of this. These beautiful pictures were taking during our 40th WCP. It was a small but warm congress, (because of the world situation), full of friendship, smiles, of course, good poetry and the 40th WCP President Dr. Istvan Turczi's goal was accomplished: to maintain alive the spirit of WCP, that have last for 52 years since its foundation.

As you should suppose there were just a few poets from distant places like American continent (Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, and USA), Israel, Serbia, Check Rep. Poland, Montenegro and others good poets from Europe.

The Opening Ceremony was sober but touching, with the videos and messages of our President Dr. Maurus Young and those of some Members of the Executive Board giving us a warm welcome, it seemed they were there with us. The President of the Hungarian Pen Club, the President of the Panonius Institute and the Director of Doctorate Litt. Petofi Cultural Agency also gave us a sincere welcome. We, Maria Eugenia Soberanis along with Dr. Turczi, delivered the Doctorate to Dr. Fernando Saltos Molina from Ecuador for his work in potery along many years and announced the next 41st WCP to be held in Ecuador.

You will also find the video of Dr. Rosalia Arteagam Former President of Rep. of Ecuador and next President of 41st. WCP with her invitation to attend that congress to be held in Cuenca, Ecuador and with a possibly post congress tour to Galapagos Island.

We decided to have our poetry readings all together, not separate by languages because we were a small group, and it was a success! We all enjoy others poetry, some poems could be reading in the anthology and others went further than the words and we experience an extraordinary closeness. We even have a new experience, I asked Miriam Neiger from Israel to read her Poem “Mexico-Jerusalem”, and she read one of mine, it’s very interesting to hear your words in other person who put his own emphasis and feelings as she experience the poem. Maybe we should do it more often with those who want it, of course.

We also have a reading at the Pen Club and a beautiful singer delighted us with Hungarian and French songs.

The Vice President of the Parliament, so kind, received us in that architectural gem, he is also a poet and a simple and humble man. Of course I gave him salutes on behalf of Dr. Young and the Executive Board, and invited him to attend our next WCP in Ecuador. The city tour in beautiful Budapest, the visit to the Palace, as you suppose was a gift to our eyes. The food marvelous! And a very good wine too!

By the end, we didn't say a Closing Ceremony, but a warm good bye. Peter Gerendas, our friend who went to China, the man who makes poetry with a guitar, composed some songs with verses of our poems! I was so moved!!! The night ended with a delicious dinner in a warm and comfortable place.

The post congress tour was an interesting one, visiting wonderful places along the Danube full of history and unforgettable scenery.

I must mention, at the last but and no at the least the important and invaluable help of Anna Turczi, Mr. Balink and our dear photographer Peter Nagy, who all of them were with us all the time, answered all our doubts and took care of us with endless patience, thank you so much! Needless to say, we all thanked Istvan for his great effort beyond all the situations, of all kind, and now very enthusiastically and with a renew spirit we will continue with our dear WCP movement, bringing brotherhood through poetry.

With love and respect,
Dr. Maria Eugenia Soberanis
General Secretary

Hello our dear World Academy of Arts and Culture/World Congress of Poets members, it's very glad for us to send you this 2019 Newsletter with the information of our past 39th WCP in Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India. Held under the Presidency of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, head of KITT and KISS Universities, and where we celebrate our 50th anniversary of foundation.

It's going to be difficult to describe how this congress was to those who couldn't attend it, because you ought to have lived and seen the superb kindness the organizers offered us and the numerous details they had for us, their smiles will always been in our hearts. All was excellent, hotels, meals, transportation, anthology, very well organized poetry readings and lectures, everything! But most of all the experience we all had knowing Dr. Samanta's work with 27 000 tribal children, to whom he provides everything, house, meals, education and most of all protection and love. And it is easy to say this, but no one can imagine this until you see it. This children all together with smiling faces and bright eyes, greeting you at their place is an unforgettable spectacle, here the theme of 39th WCP “Compassion through Poetry” came alive, and we knew we were meeting personally what compassion was.




Dear poets, this is our 2018 newsletter about the wonderful congress we had in China, this year, from the 10th up to th 16th of October, in Suiyang County, Guizhou.

This congress was a great one! With so many wonderful things that are difficult to tell them all, I´ll start with the beautiful hotels where poets were hosted in Shuanghe Inn and Qingxi Gorge Villa in “Shiherbeihou”, scenic spots. The first just at the most important Caves (the largest in Asia) and the second near to the lake.

We had an extraordinary Opening Ceremony of the 38th World Congress of Poets and the 2nd Shiherbeihou International Poetry Culture Week in Suiyang, China on October 13 with the participation of Mr. Lu Yungzheng(盧雍政), Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, Dr. Maurus Young(楊允達), President of World Congress of Poets, Mr. Jidi Majia(吉狄馬加), Vice President of Chinese Writer´s Association, Mr. Yu Hanghai (余航海), Secretary of Communist Party Committee of Suiyang County, Liu Zhaowu( 劉兆武), Mayor of Suiyang County and more than 300 poets from 26 countries around the world. We also had the Award Ceremony of Honorary Doctorates that were delivered to:

Jidi Majia (吉狄馬加)

Li Famo (李發模)

Ouyang Qiansen (歐陽黔森)

Li Pei (李裴)

Albert Young (Qing Feng, 青峰)

Attila Balazs

Zhang Qin (張琴)

Verhoeven-Chib V (Lianzi Chi, 池蓮子)

Michael Philipose Thathampally

María Eugenia Hernández Salaís

Na Soon-gyu

Aldo Samuel Cavero Galimidi

Shreedharan Parokode

R. K. Das

The ceremony continued with an amazing artistic perfomance with ethnic characteristics of Guizhou

The next days we had important lecturers at the forum “Spirit of Native Land in Poetry” with: Dr. Maurus Young, Pei Ge, George Chapouthier, Jami Proctor Xu, Simon J. Ortiz, Doc Drumheller, Malim Ghazali, Ziguo Li, Ma Yongbo, Hong Zhu, Li Qingsong.

The Forum “Poetic China-Romantic Guizhou” with: Wang Wenxue, Fang Ming, Haim Dotan, Li Famo, Dumu Luo-Fei, Guanzhong Gao, Lv Di, Li Jidang, Bingfeng, Weifeng Zhao, Shikai Jin.

There were poetry readings at the Karst Cave and in the Qingxi Lake during a beautiful cruise, all were sensational.

We all received an extraordinary present, such as a pillow roll made of herbs that really helps to rest!!! Beautiful T-shirts and so many smiles and concern of absolutly all the efficient staff, we really appreciate and thank it all, their effort and hard work.

At the closing ceremony on October 15, Dr. Yu Hsi (愚溪), President of the Crane Summit 21st International Forum, delivered a gold medal to Dr. Mei Er (梅爾), poet of China and organiser of the 38th WCP in Suiyang, in recognition of her brilliant achievement in poetry. Dr. Maurus Young delivered a Gold Gavel to Mayor Liu Zhaowu to express sincere gratitude to his support in hold a WCP in China. Also at our Closing Ceremony were delivered the awards to the outsatnding poets of the congress:

Kori Bolivia du Brésil

Guadalupe Chavez du Mexique

Chelly Abraham-Eitan d’Israël

Kae Mori du Japon

Yao Hui de Chine

LI Qingsong de Chine

Xia Hua de Chine

We announced the re election of the Executive Board and the election of two new members: Dr. Jacob Isaac from India and Dr. Albert Young from Switzerland, to whom we gave the most warm welcome. The venue of 39Th WCP was also announced by Mr. R. K. Das and Mr. Biswal, representatives of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, who will preside it. Dr. R. K. Das said that the 39th WCP will be held at the KIIT & KISS University in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha.

The closing ceremony was presidered over by Dr. Maria Eugenia Soberanis, Secretary General of WAAC/WCP. She announced that Dr. Achyuta Samanta had been awarded this year with the Honorary Doctorate of Literature and Golden Gavel which will be delivered to him at the opening ceremony of the 39th WCP in India, as he couldn´t come to China this year for health reasons. We had speeches from Mayor Liu Zhaowu, President of this 38th WCP, farewell dinner given by Mr. Yu Hanghai, Secretary of Communist Party Committee of Suiyang County and some beautiful gifts presentations by Toshie Tai, He Yalan and Yu Liansheng. Next, we continue our evening with great joy.

We visited the Zhu Tao Art Gallery, Poetic Culture Exhibition Hall and Chinese Poetry Town Square. We visited Moutai city, the place were the best Moutai is made, the national licquor, and in Anshun we had a delicious dinner followed by a spectacular show at the theater, all this with the attendance of the Mayor of the city.

In the Executive Board Meeting on October 14, the Board has unanimously approved the proposal made by Dr. Maurus Young to appoint Dr. Yu Hsi, our Patron, to be the President of WAAC (World Academy of Arts and Culture) and Dr. Maurus Young will remain as the President of the Congress of Poets.

Once more, we thank the organizers for giving us such a great Congress, that will be unforgettable!

Next WCP in India will not have any congress fee to pay, however, participants should pay their annual membership dues and attendance fee of US$50. We must wait for the general information that will be sent as soon as we have and that will also appear in our Facebook and web pages. Let´s prepare for our great 50th anniversary celebration in India next year!

Here go some pictures! Enjoy them!
Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis
WAAC/WCP General Secretary































The 37th World Congress of Poetas took place on August 16 - 22, 2017 in Ulaabaatar, Mongolia with a great success with attendance of more than 400 poet from more tan 35 countries around the world. It started with a cheerful welcome party at the Somboyo Hall of the Best Western Premiere Tuushin Hotel where all were very happy to meet each other again in this annual event that reunites poets from different nationalities, races, languages and religión in a way that only poetry can do.

We had the Opening Ceremony at the State Palace in a very elegant auditórium with the attendance of great Mongolian poets and pesonlities, among others Dr. Kurt Odegard from Norway, Dr. Justo Jorge Padrón from Spain, presided over by Dr. Mend Ooyo Gamboyan, Presdent of the Mongolian Poetry Festival.



After this important Ceremony, we had a great group photograph sesión. This was followed by the Opening of Taiwanese calligrapher Mr. Lo Fei-Hsing´s “Cross Centurial Dialogie between Caligraphy and Miniature Arts”, the launching of the beautiful Anthology “World Poetry 2017”, and the “Poets and their Pictorial Arts” presentation of the Argentinian poet and sculptor Norma Antonia de los Ríos, the British poet and photographer Elena Vargas and the Japanese poet and calligrapher Toshie Tai. All exhibitions were held at the Mongolian National Arts Gallery. In that evening, we enjoyed a reception dinner hosted by Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City. We atended the opening cremony of “Danzanravjaa International Poetry Festival” at the Yavuukhulan Park held by the Capital City Governor and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S. Batbold, where we had poetry readings by international poets and Reading to the anniversaries of famous Mongolian poets. That same day we had book presentations and poetry Reading at different places such as the National Library, National Museum, the Modern Arts Gallery and the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum. We left that evening by train to Dornogobi after a dinner at the Independence Palace.

Early next morning, we arrived in “Tavan Dohio” ger camp where we got acquainted with the nomadic life style of the great Gobi desert. We also enjoyed horse racing, archery, wrestling and beautiful folk art performance. That evening we had a “Poetry night under the stars” and next day at dawn we watched an unforgetable sunrise majestic Gobi.

We visited tge Kamar Monastery to attend Mandala offering ritual and the Shamala region, where we read poetry and felt the energy of the place. We were at the Khamar Monastery Old Stupa to attend the English presentation of the novel The Holy One by Dr. Mend Ooyo about the poet Danzanravjaa and poetry readings.

At our back to Ulaanbaatar we visited a cashmere factory and that night we had our Closing Ceremony and good bye party.

WAAC Honorary Doctorate 2017

Name list of Poet Laureate 2017(桂冠詩人證書)

R. Rajaram
Poet, professor, Electronics engineering scientist, Academician and former Vice Chancellor of Anna University.of India

Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2017 (文學博士學位)

Dojoo Tsedev
poet, literary critic, honored cultural worker of Mongolia

Sendenjav Dulam
poet, oral literature scholar, honored science worker of Mongolia

Guanzhong Gao
Poet and writer of Germany, published more than 20 books.

Chun Gwang-rye
Poet of Korea

Sudhakar Gaidhani
Poet of India

Haim Dotan,
poet, educator philosopher and international architect

Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy
Poet and writer of India

Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2017 (人文科學博士學位)

Natsag Jantsannorov
Composer, state awarded artist, honored cultural worker of Mongolia

Kasimkhan Begmanov
Writer and honored cultural worker of Kazakhstan

Lu, Ping-wen (陸炳文)
Poet of Taiwan

WAAC President Medal (院長特獎)

Kim Kum-jae
Life member. Honorary Litt.D

Park Jong-hwa
Life member, Honorary Litt.D

Dolgor Nyamaa
State honored poet, honored cultural worker of Mongolia

Erentsendorj Bold
poet, cultural figure of Alshaa, Inner Mongolia

Ulegbek Orazbauli Esdaulet
journalist, state honored poet of Kazakhstan

Hwang, Shih-Hui (黃思惠)
Writer of Taiwan
Gavel of WAAC/WCP 2017 (議 事 鎚 )

G. Mend-Ooyo
Poet, writer of Mongolia
President of 26th WCP

Dear brothers in poetry,

We are very happy to announce the success of the 36th WCP in Prague that was held from the 15th to the 20th of September this year of 2016. Its President Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Board Member of WAAC/WCP, who is also President of the Czech Pen Club did a great work; in this congress we celebrated the 115th birth anniversary of one of the most renowned Czech poets Jaroslav Seifert - the only Nobel laureate Czech writer.

This WCP was attended by almost 150 poets from Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, USA, México, Peru, United Kingdom, Canada, Morocco, Holland, Hungary, France, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, China, India, Taiwan, Iran, Mongolia, Spain, Israel, Malaysia and of course important Czech poets.

We were honored with the presence of our Patron Dr. Yu Hsi in the Opening Ceremony and with important invited poets such as Pia Tafdrup, Knut Odegard, Milan Richter, Jana Stroblová, Bernard O´Donoghue, Justin Quinn, also Kavárna Retezova, Zafer Senocak and Teresa Brdecková, Katerina Rudcenkova, Bernie Higgins, Anna Tabert. Dr. Zambry, Prime Minister and poet from Perak, Malaysia, host of the 33th WCP, was at the Presidium; he was accompanied by an important delegation and he invited us to a Poetry Festival in his country.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Yu Hsi, also known as Master Dao Yi, Patron of WAAC/WCP was awarded a gold medal “Prague, City of the Literature 2016" in recognition of his achievements in the fields of promotion of cultural inter-flow between Czech Republic and Taiwan by Mr. Tomas Vrba, President of Forum 2000 and Mr. Jan Wolf, Vice-Mayor of Culture of Prague. An agreement of cultural co-operation Between Taiwan’ s Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum and Czech Republic’ s Forum 2000, Kafka Center, and Czech PEN Center was signed by Dr. Yu Hsi, Dr. Tomas Vrba, Dr. Marketa Malisova and Dr. Jiri Dedecek.

This time the poetry readings even they were planned separately by language, finally we became all together which was very stimulating by hearing different accents with such great feelings. These were held at the Municipal Library with a wonderful monument made with books.


The anthology was published by Czech Center of the International PEN Club and it´s a great work of Dr. Dedecek, with all the attendant poets poems and the Preface by Dr. Maurus Young, President of the World Academy of Arts and Culture/World Congress of Poets (UNESCO).


The Poetry Contest was very tight as we had very good poetic quality, the winners are in Spanish: Blanca Salcedo 1st place, from Argentina; Mara Yudith Abdala 2nd place from México and Teresa Palazzo Conti, 3rd place from Argentina. In English we had a tie in the 2nd and 3rd place: Ghozali, Mohamed, 1st place from Malaysia; Rachelli Abraham Eithan and Antonia Soulez in 2nd place, from Israel and France respectibily; Urjin Khurelbaatar from Mongolia and Mesut Senol from Turkey in 3rd. place.

In Chinese: Yang Beicheng, 1st place; Wang Guilin, 2nd place and Zhao Jianhua 3rd place, all of them from China.

Official languages of the congress were English and Chinese, Czech and Spanish.

We enjoyed a wonderful view of beautiful Prague from the boat trip on Vltava River with a delicious dinner and unforgettable songs. As well as the emotional Prague Philarmonia Concert with the exceptional music of Dvorak, Smetana, Suk, Martinu. Thank you again Dr. Jiri Dedecek for those great moments.

WAAC/WCP also granted the H. Litt. Doctorates awards to: Jana Stroblova, Geza Szocs, Josef Hruby, Karla Erbova, Vaclav Danek, Anuo Abu, Teresa Palazzo Conti and Elias Galati.

We want to thanks all the working team who organized this congress: Ivan Klíma - Deputy Chairman, Magdalena Šebestová - Executive Director, Dana Mojžíšová - Congress Finances, Tereza Brdečková - VIP Program Coordinator, Kateřina Bajo - On behalf of the Municipal Library of Prague, and of course to the Cultural Minister and the 36th WCP President, Dr. Jiri Dedecek.

Finally, the 37th WCP venue for next year was announced by its President Dr. Mend Ooyo, Mongolia is waiting for us! It will be held from the 16th to the 21st of August 2017 in Ulaanbaatar, the first part, and a second part at the great Gobi desert. You will have all the information on the proper time so you can make your own plans. We will be in touch.



Dear Members of WAAC/WCP, we have already got another achievement of our motto: “Peace and Brotherhood through Poetry” at the 35 WCP in Taiwan, which was held from the 5th to the 10th of November 2015, in the cities of Hualien and Changhua, which was also held by Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum.

35 WCP started with a touching ceremony of World Peace Inextinguishable Auspicious Lamp Lighting Ceremony, sounds of the Bell of Peace and the Nagak (large seashell played as horn), the introduction of the Indian Golden Buddha, welcome speeches of 35 WCP President Abbot Dao Yi also known as Dr. Yu Hsi; Dr. Maurus Young, WAAC/WCP President, and Honor Guests such as Dr. M. Rajaram Secretary to Government, Tamil Development and Information Department, India. We remember Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam former Indian President, poet, scientist, philosopher as well as politician of great erudition and scholarship, who was both modest and amiable and is still highly respected and admired by the people, who called him the “Poet President”.

The Opening Ceremony was held at the Arts Centre of Vandana Monastery in Hualien with a movie in memory of Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, speeches of some Honor Guests and the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue of Thiruvalluvar. Also at the Opening Ceremony we enjoyed the lecture of Professor Wang Chen-Hua, Te Chien Academy “The Book of Changes and the Middle Path-taking Confucius and His Poetic Education as Example”, Conferment of the Supreme Guests of Honor Medal, Ceremonial Gavel and Friendship Medals.

That same day we could appreciate the Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Toshie Tai from Japan and a wonderful Music Event Banquet, with different performances. We visited the Butterfly Valley Resort and we had a Poetry Recital at the National Dong Hwa University, where we enjoyed the words and sounds of different poetical languages and we checked one more time that poetry doesn´t have barriers of countries, races and religion and we experienced an encouraging atmosphere of brotherhood. At Changhua poets could visit the Lu Gang Old Street and the Taiwan Glass Gallery, we learned about the oyster breeding environment and the history of oyster breeding. We knew the Fong-Yuan Lighthouse where we had a Poetry Recital as well as an elegant and meticulous tea ceremony.

On November the 8th the Executive Board had its meeting, before it we was honored with a visit of a Chinese Delegation asking us for 36 WCP in their country. Even we are grateful with this kind offer we unfortunately could not accepted it as we already had given our word to Prague. We really hope we can have a WCP in China shortly.

In this Executive Board meeting we had elections, so we are glad to inform you Dr. Maurus Young has been reelected as President, as General Secretary Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, 1st Vice President Dr. Ernesto Kahan, 2nd. Vice President Dr. Mend Ooyo, 3rd. Vice President Dr. Istvan Turczi, Dr. Bei Ta, Deputy Co General Secretary. Members: Dr. Sunwoo Ho, Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Dr. George Friederick Chapouthier. P.R. Dorothy Young and Treasurer Michelle Wang.

At the Closing Ceremony at Changua Normal University we had the speech of President Abbot Dao Yi (Yu Hsi), Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, General Secretary WAAC/WCP, and Ms. Wu Lan-Mei, Director-General of Cultural Affairs of Changhua County. The presentation of 2015 Awards of the World Academy of Arts and Culture also made in the closing ceremony as follows:

The Poet Laureate 2015:

1) Hsin Mu. From Taiwan, published 5 poetry books, including 5 books in English; Editor in Chief of “The Epoch Poetry Quaterly” in Taiwan, one of the most popular poetry magazines in Taiwan.

Honorary Doctorate Degree in Literature:

1) Cui Jinpeng. Poet from China, Life Member, published 4 poetry books including 2 books in English.

2) Ko Man-Su. Poet from Korea, Life Member, published 2 poetry books in English.

3) Su Ning. Poet from China, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.

4) Hsu Hisang-chieh, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.

5) Kai Huang. Poet from Germany, Life Member, published 3 poetry books.

6) Clara Luz Montoya Lagarde. Poet from México. Life Member, published 2 poetry books. Editor.

7) S. Isher Singh Sobti. Poet from India. Published 10 Books of poetry, stories and novel.

Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities:

1) Sunwoo Ho. Poet Professor of Korea. Life Member and Executive Committee Member of WAAC/WCP.

WAAC/WCP Presidet Medal

1) Huang Yazhou. Poet and scenarist from China. Former Vice-President of Chinese Writers Association and President of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association. Vice-President of Chinese Film Literature Society, Editorial Board Member of Chinese Poetry Mahazine. Published more than 30 books: poetry, prose, novel, etc. Gavel of WAAC/WCP

Dr. Yu Hsi. Poet, writer and philosopher of Taiwan. Patron of WAAC/WCP, President of 35 WCP.

Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, the Executive Committee of Crane Summit 21st Century International Forum presented this Honorary Gavel of 35 WCP to Honorable Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, Chief Minister of Perak, Malaysia. For his leadership and contribution to the promotion os world peace through arts and culture.

Poetry Contest Winners: (Upon number of participants)

English: Elena Vargas (United Kingdom)

Spanish: Celina Cámpora (Argentina)

Chinese: Mei Er, Luo Luo, Leng Xianqiao

Mongolia: Multsan Yansukh

Dr. Jiri Dedecek, Executive Board Member and 36 WCP President, invite all attendants to come to Prague next year from September 20th to the 27th. As Dr. Dedecek is himself a songwriter and singer, he used these wonderful gifts to make a most moving invitation to his country.

The beautiful Anthology of 35 WCP was presented, edited and published by the XXXV WCP, of 469 pages and 122 participants poets. The Foreword was made by Yu Garden Dao (Dr. Yu Hi), Dr. Maurus Young, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis and Dr. Mend Ooyo.

The last day of Congress we had a farewell breakfast. We said goodbye waiting to meet us again, next year in Prague.

We also want to share with you that our 3rd Vice President Dr. Istvan Turczi was awarded by the Serbian Literary Society with the Literary Society´s Poetry Prize and Honorary Citizenshio of Imperial Town Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica). As well Dr. Mend Ooyo has achieved the highest Order Honor of Mongolia, Order of the Chingiss Khaan which was given by Mongolia´s President.

We want to offer our deepest condolences to our sisters and brothers in poetry, as well as all the people of France, for the terrorist attacks that are not only against them but to all humanity and universal values we share. We strongly condemn such acts of terrorism wherever they may occur, and in all its forms and manifestations.

Here we are, our dear WAAC/WCP is completing 45 years old, working enthusiastically spreading its motto: “Peace and Love through Poetry”, now at the end of the 34 WCP held in the cities of Lima and Trujillo in the South American country of Peru from the 10th to the 14th of November 2014.


This WCP was attended by almost 150 poets from countries of the 5 five Continents and locals ones who shared their words in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and comprehension. The Opening Ceremony was held in the capital city of Peru, Lima, at “Los Incas” Auditorium at the Cultural Ministry, and it was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture Mrs. Diana Alvarez Calderón with our President Dr. Maurus Young; Dr. Marco Martos, 34 WCP President; Cultural Manager Dr. Mavi Márquez, 34 WCP Vice President accompanied by Dr. Ernesto Kahan, WAAC/WCP First Vice-President and Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis, WAAC/WCP General Secretary and 34 WCP International Vice President.

There was another Opening ceremony now at the city of Trujillo, also called “The eternal spring city”, famous for its important universities. The ceremony was chaired by 34 WCP Executive Board as well as those of WAAC/WCP, and by the Representant of Trujillo´s Mayor and by the District Municipality of Victor Larco´s Mayor Magister Carlos Vázquez Llamo who at the Closing Ceremony declared WAAC/WCP Patron Dr. Yu His and WAAC/WCP President Dr. Maurus Young as “Distinguished Guests”.

The recitals and poetry readings held at the Santa Rosa School were such a success with a great audience waiting to greet each country delegation with its different flags, it was really moving. Some of the students also performed Marinera dance and read their own poems in a choral way and individually.

The recitals at the Talentos School were also a success with its students expecting our poems. Here we also were delighted by a special performance of Marinera, this typical dance, by two little kids with such a gracious and talented art.

We must also say about the public presentation of poets at the César Vallejo Plaza, very significant because he is the most renowned poet from Peru due to his modern and avant-garde poetry. People from the city of Trujillo could hear and share with poets from different countries in an interesting cultural interchange.

This Congress motto “Peace and love are eternal poetry” fulfilled its mission, as the poetic coexistence during these days was excellent. The Trujillo University supported this Congress and the Private University Antenor Orrego (OPAO) which also granted Medals and Diploma to Dr. Maurus Young and Mrs. Mavi Márquez.

During this event the Lima´s Declaration was subscribed by the arts and culture creators who considered their duty and responsibility to defend the last “world´s lung”: the Amazonia.


Name list of Poet Laureate 2014(桂冠詩人證書)

Chi-lung Wang(王吉隆, 台灣)

Poet from Taiwan
President of Chinese Writers and Artists Association
President of Chinese Modern Poetry Society

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2014(文學博士學位)

Mrs. Rosalba de la Cruz(墨西哥)
Poet from México

Mr. Jacob Isaac(印度)
Poet from India

Ms. Claire Lee(美國)
Poet, Writer and Composer from U.S.A.

Poet, from Peru

Mr. Santiago Aguilar(秘魯)
Poet from Peru

Áureo Sotelo Huerta(秘魯)
Poet, from Peru

Park Jong-Hwa(韓國)
Poet from Korea

Gao Shangmei (中國)
Poet from China

Bing Feng (Zhao Zhi) (中國)
Poet from China

Héctor Corredor Cuervo (哥倫比亞)
Poet from Columbia

Armando Alvarado Balarezo (Nalo)
Poet from Peru

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2014(人文科學博士學位)

Flutist, Musician from Peru

Mavi Márquez Alcalde (秘魯)
Culture Manager
Vice President, 34th WCP, Peru

Gavel of WAAC/WCP 2014(議事鎚)

Dr. Marco Martos Carrera(秘魯)
President of the 34th World Congress of Poets,
President of the Peruvian Academy of Language.


Director: Mavi Márquez

Editorialist: Erika Benites Surco

Assistents: Analuisa Pretel Jesús

Angel Edgardo Chirinos Lavender

Design and layout: Junior Azáldegui Vegaso

Copyeditor: Erika Benites Surco

Printing: Dacsil Publicidad

As a Prologue this Anthology has a message from WAAC/WCP Authorities: President Dr. Maurus Young, Patron Dr. Yu Hsi, 1st Vice President Dr. Ernesto Kahan and General Secretary Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis.

As well as from 34 WCP authorities, President Dr. Marco Martos Carrera and Vice President Mrs. Mavi Márquez.

In this anthology participate 94 authors from different countries and the epilogue was written by Dr. Carlos Garrido Chalén.

WAAC/WCP we want to express our gratitude to:

34 WCP Management Committee:

President: Dr. Marcos Martos Carrera

National Vice President: Dr. Mavi Márquez

International Vice President: Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis

General Coordinator: Dr. Carlos Garrido Chalén

Organizers Committee:

General Director: Dr. Mavi Márquez

Producer: Analuisa Pretel Jesús

Producer´s assistent: Marilú Estela Villena

Media Chief: Erika Benites Surco

Design and layout: Junior Azáldegui Vegaso


Angel Edgardo Chirinos Lavander

María del Rosario Acuña Loayza

Felicia María Guerra Márquez

Luis M. Bracamonte Salazar

Magaly Elva Rueda Frías

Ana C. Aldana Espinosa

Ruth M. Rueda Farías

Carlos Arroyo Yábar

Katya Zevallos Inmensa

Our Poetry Contest winners:

Spanish: 1st Prize Oliver Vargas Bojórquez from Chile.

English: 1st. Prize Susana Roberts from Argentina

Honorable Mention: Jacob Isaac from India

French: Honorable Mention: Susana Roberts from Argentina

Chinese: 1st Prize Anuo Abu from China

At the end of 34 WCP there was a very interesting post Congress tour to Cusco and Machu Picchu. There, we lived a wonderful experience of being together enjoying the magical environment of the Inca culture.

Now we want to invite you to the 35 WCP in Taiwan in 2015! Get ready to it!

On this occasion to celebrate its version number 33, the World Congress of Poets was held in Malaysia. In its unwavering commitment to spread peace and brotherhood through poetry, more than 200 poets from all over the world responded enthusiastically to join and celebrate the grand event.

In the past we have enjoyed great and wonderful moments when we all join together, and our Congress in Malaysia was not the exception, we were received with true affection and courtesy. We would like to take advantage of this moment to express our gratitude to each and every person and local Government, Perak State and Ipoh city Government, President Wan Hua Chapouthier and her husband Georges who kindly took care of our every need and for all the hard work and endless hours they put in organizing which in turn lead to the success of this Congress. 33rd WCP had a huge support from authorities in an unprecedented way and WAAC/WCP has recognized this by giving 9 Honorary Doctorate of Literature Degree Diplomas and 5 Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree Diplomas to Chief Minister H.E. Dr. Zambry A.K. and high officials, scholars and top poets of Malaysia; 6 letters of Appreciations to Volunteers, as well with a gold gavel conferred upon Mrs. Wan Hua Chapouthier, President of 33rd WCP, in recognition and courtesy.

Many delegations from different countries attended 33rd WCP such as Taiwan, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Korea, Colombia, Morocco, USA, Denmark, Argentina, Belgian, Switzerland, France, South Africa, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brunei and of course poets from Malaysia. We gathered around 200 poets, half of them locals.

Starting our Congress with an elegant dinner we were pleased to have our opening ceremony attended by Chief Minister H.E. Dr. Zambry A.K. who himself is a poet. Preceding this evening was very active program. We enjoyed 13 Poetry readings and shows. A very interesting visit to Lenggong Archeological Museum, a Pantun Night with Chairman of “Port” and another one with Datuk Bandar Ipoh Mayor, the great caves of Kampung Jahang and a visit to Pangkor island. The Closing Ceremony was a Gala Night and was attended by Menteri Besar Perak and wife also Dymm Pemangku Raja Perak and Dytm Raja Puan Besar Perak. That night was also launched the planning of our 34th WCP to be held in Peru, so be prepared we will be waiting for you next year.

The Anthology of 33rd Congress was beautiful, featuring works by some 131 poets, applying the theme “One World through Poetry” with forewords from Dato´Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir Menteri Besar Perak Darul Ridzuan, Nolee Ashilin Dato´Mohammed Radzi Chairman State Health, Tourism and Culture Committee Perak Darul Ridzuan, Wan Hua Chapouthier P.P.N. President of 33rd WCP, Dr. Maurus Young President of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Eugenia Soberanis General Secretary of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, 1st. Vice-President of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Yu His, Patron of WAAC/WCP, Dr. Georges Chapouthier, Ph.D. Project Coordinator and Co-editor of this Anthology Mohamen Ghozali Abdul Rashid, Project Coordinator and Co-editor of this Anthology and Mohammad Haji Salleh, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

At the opening ceremony on Oct. 21, Dr. Yu Hsi, noted poet from Taiwan and patron of WAAC/WCP, received a golden key of “Ipoh City Friendship Award” from Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, Chief Minister of Perak, in recognition of his brilliant achievements in the field of poetry. In return, Dr. Yu Hsi conferred upon Dr. Zambry with “Crane Summit Supreme Honor Crown Medallion Award” in recognition of his contributions to the promotion of world brotherhood and peace through poetry.

We were sorry to know that Dr. Yu Hsi couldn´t attend this Congress at the last minute.

We also want to inform you that unfortunately Prof. Affa Weaver due to his important work had to resign from WAAC Executive Board; instead we welcome Dr. Sun-Woo Ho as a new Member of it, we feel happy to have him with us.

As it is each year Doctorates, Presidential Medals and Letters of Appreciation were granted to outstanding poets and supporters such as:

Name list of Poet Laureate 2013

Dr. Chin Pan See (Shi Ying), poet from Singapore.

Dr. Perungkavikko Va. Mu. Sethuraman, poet from India.

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature (Litt.D) 2013.

Prof. Kuan Yu-Wei, poet of Taiwan.

Prof. Kim Kum-Jae, poet of South Korea.

Prof. Lin Ming-Li, poet of Taiwan.

Ethel Bello Solís, poet of Mexico.

Leng Xianqiao, poet of China.

Dato' Seri Diraja Dr Zambry bin Abdul Kadir

Datuk Awang bin Sariyan

Mohamed Ghozali bin Abdul Rashid

Mohamed Nor bin Khalid

Dr. Arbak Othman

A. Rahim Abdullah

Zabidin bin Ismail Dato' Seri Raja

Ahmad Zainuddin bin Raja Haji Omar

Saiee Driss

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2013.

Datuk Saarani Mohammad

Dato' Zamri bin Man

Nolee Ashilin Dato' Mohammed Radzi

Dato' Zainol Fadzi bin Haji Paharudin

Ratnawati bte Jamil

Winners of Presidential Medals 2013.

Dr. Lee Jong-Hwa (李鐘和)

Dr. Georges Chapouthier

Mme. Toshie TAI

Namelist of Letter of Appreciation 2013

1) Madam Maggie Ong Kee Mooi

2) Madam Kuah Hung Joo

3) Mr. Franky Fong

4) Ms. Stefanie Koh

5) Steven Tang

6) Edwin Goh.

Gavel of WAAC/WCP 2013

Mme. Wan Hua Chapouthier

We also want to honor the memory of Dr. Tin-wen Chung (founder of WAAC/WCP, 1914 - 2012), Prof. Chi Hsian (founder of Modern Poetry in Taiwan, 1913-2013), Prof. Goro Ihara (life member in Japan) and Ninos Ahjo who passed away recently.

Here below there are some links with newspapers articles and pictures of this great 33rd. WCP, I hope you enjoy them. We encourage you to regularly visit our web page so you can be in touch with us and be aware of important news to come.

“World Brotherhood and Peace through Poetry”

Dr. María Eugenia Soberanis N.
General Secretary WAAC/WCP

Title: Nellore-based poet for WCP

Title: Penyair Sumsel akan hadiri Kongress Penyair Sedunia ke-33 di Malaysia


1. A “Closing Report” from the 32st World Congress of Poets- WCP 2012, Israel. Prizes for the Poetry contest (Attached file with pictures) ,

2. New Officers of the World Academy of Arts and Culture –WAAC

3. WAAC Prizes 2012

4. Next WCP in Malaysia

With respect and brotherhood
Prof. Dr. Ernesto Kahan
WAAC 1st Vice President and Secretary-General

1. 32th World Congress of Poets-WCP 2012, Israel. Prizes for the Poetry Contest
The following is a Closing Report provided by Dr. Graciela Nasif (WAAC life member and Hon Lit Dr.).

The Congress took place in the City of Kfar Saba, under the auspices of the Honorable Board of the World Academy of Art and Culture, from 4th – 7th September, 2012, under the chairmanship of Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Vice President and Secretary General of the World Academy of Art and Culture, and of the WAAC President, Dr. Maurus Young. The XXXII World Congress was inaugurated with the motto:
“Poetry, aroma of peace for life”

XXXII WCP Authorities:

Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio- Honorary President

Dr. Yu Liansheng / Susana Roberts / Bella Clara Ventura – Vice Presidents

Poet Herzel Hakak / Prof. Gad Kaynar / Dr. Ruben Pasino- Honorary Vice Presidents

Dr. Hedva Robinson Bachrach / Uzit Dagan / Pnina Frenkel / Susana Roberts / Victoria Romero / Iael Vered/ Mina Weil- Poets Relationship Directors.

Ernesto Kahan / Susana Roberts / Marga Mangione / Bei Ta- Anthology Committee

Dr. Maurus Young / Susana Roberts/ Graciela Nasif / Dr. Afaa Weaver / Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio - Juries Poetry Contest.

Edmundo Torrejón Jurado/ Marga Mangione / Monica Gomez / Victoria Romero / Guy Crequie-Ambassadors

Shoshana Vegh-Responsible Press

Graciela Nasif-Director of Final Report. Susan Roberts / Dr. Hedva Robinson Bachrach, Committee Final Report.

The Congress was opened by Dr. Maurus Young, WAAC President, and Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Congress President.

Welcoming greetings were given by Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Congress President, and by Academician Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Honorary President of the Congress.

Mr. Yehuda Ben Hamo, Mayor of Kfar Saba, presented greetings, as did Anita Mazor, Director of Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel; poet Herzl Hakak President of the Association of Hebrew Writers in Israel; and Prof. Gad Kaynar, President of the General Union of Writers in Israel.

More than 200 poets participated in the Congress, including 110 well-known poets from 20 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, India, Mongolia, France, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hungary, Peru, Colombia, Romania, Nicaragua, Japan, Spain and, of course about 100 poets from all over Israel. In the opinion of several poets who have consistently participated in the World Congress of Poets of the WAAC, the quantity and quality of the literary representation of local poets and literary associations in this Congress was unique. Poets who were able to break language barriers had a unique opportunity to interact and plan future activities with local poets.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Yu Hsi, Patron of WAAC, conferred the "Crane Summit Supreme Honor Crown Medallion" with diploma upon the Honorable Mr. Yitzhak Navon, fifth President of the State of Israel, in recognition of his brilliant achievements of promotion of peace and harmony between Israeli and Palestinian people in the past decades.

Very significant tributes were paid by the Mayor of Kfar Saba, Mr. Yehuda Ben Hamo and the Hispanic World Union of Writers to poet Dr. Yu Hsi from Taiwan. The tribute, in recognition of achievements in the field of poetry, literature and philosophy, were received by Dr. Teh-Yuan Cheng, President of the Tainan National University of Arts, on behalf of Dr. Yu Hsi. Dr. Teh-Yuan Cheng took this opportunity to recite a poem of Dr. Yu Hsi, --Ode to the Ocean, accompanied by a sublime flute solo performance by Miss Hsu Man-Ni from Taiwan and followed by a fantastic poetry dance performed by Thea Marie Robert.

Dr. Kahan thanked all the poets who, despite the existing world economic difficulties, had arrived from all corners of the earth, bringing much love, high quality poetry and brotherhood. Special thanks went to poets Susan Roberts, Graciela Nasif, Ruben Pasino and Hedva Bacharch for their substantial help. He expressed his regrets that, due to certain demands, the event had had to be advanced to the beginning of September, instead of the original programming for November. This had led to increased costs, forcing split hotels, in an attempt to find cheap alternatives, and thus complicating the organization. But above all, such a change in schedule had prevented the important collaboration of students of university language departments who were slated to be the interpreters and guides, because they are on holiday in September.

Much thought went into the planning of the program of activities. The Congress began with an exhibition of books in a literary exchange between participating authors and a rich Cultural Art Exchange Exhibition of Calligraphy of Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese. Then we visited a synagogue in order to participate in the opening of the Ark of the Torah (known in Hebrew as Aron HaKodesh), where an explanation of the Holy Bible (Torah) was given. The Congress continued with a presentation of the Chinese calligraphy works of Dr. Yu Liansheng, Vice President of the Congress, and the Japanese calligraphy works of Toshie Tai, artist, poet and president of the WAAC Calligraphy Institute of Japan.

Dr. Lit. Victor Velezmoro Nolberto Unyén, from Peru, wrote: Thanks, first for the invitation saying “We are proud to develop this conference under the theme ‘Poetry, aroma of peace for life’ with the participation of important poets like you.” Thanks, because, upon arriving in Tel Aviv, with my wife, Dany Noemi Alfaro Kuzma Unyén, after a long journey with a stop in Madrid, he (Dr. Kahan) received us on the morning of 4th September, 2012 at Ben Gurion Airport, and his first words were to ask about my health. His greetings to the Congress were words of affection and friendship:

“Dear authors, poets, intellectual friends of the world: Officially I give a warm welcome from my deep feelings. I anticipate days of placidity, surprises and happiness in this Congress. I want you to enjoy the freedom of each sense with the sound of your hearts. Peace and harmony! Ernesto Kahan”.

The Cultural Exchange Tours that visited various Israeli cities every day went smoothly and were enjoyable, making it possible to know and understand both ancient and contemporary cultures, as well as encouraging the participation of all foreign guests and local poets in numerous lecture sessions, where each poet absorbed the ambience of Israel in their native language. Thus, we could appreciate the poetic cadences of language in the expression of Chinese, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian. All languages were twinned in a common desire to build world peace, promote environmental conservation and advocate for a better world, within the parameters of equality, freedom and fraternity.

Over the four days many ceremonies took place, such as the award of honorary doctorates and prizes, the inauguration of an outdoor public space for reading poetry and meditation in the park of the city of Raanana as a perennial testament to universal peace.

Culture was a luminous presence during these four days in the various cities of the Congress, with ceremonies or guided walks in Kfar Saba, Tel Aviv, the Old Port of Jaffa, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Netanya, as well as in sacred sites that we visited in an atmosphere of great mysticism and respect: the Garden of Gethsemane, the Dome of the Rock, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, Mount Calvary, the Basilica of the Annunciation, the Domus Galilae, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River. Poets who came to Israel from all over the world felt an indelible sense of the promise of peace and were deeply grateful to the Congress organizers.

It is noteworthy that a large number of awards were made in the presence of the highest authorities of the XXXII Congress, Dr. Maurus Young, President of the WAAC, and Dr. Ernesto Kahan, who fulfilled their roles as host impeccably, solving all requests received by the poets. This was a World Congress that few will forget.

Poems of the participants in the Anthology of the World Academy of Arts and Culture present at the Congress were evaluated by two juries of international standing, one for the poems written in Spanish (jury composed of Susana Roberts, Luis Alberto Ambroggio and Graciela Nasif), and a second international jury for the works presented in English (names are not permitted to publish). For both, the awards were given during the course of the Congress.

First Prize, Poetry in Spanish: Irene Blanco poem, "Fuga".

Second Prize, Poetry in Spanish: Teresita Moran de Valcheff, poem "Jorge Luis Borges"

Third Prize, Poetry in Spanish: Milagros Alonso, poem "Desde y para Wislawa Szymborska".

First prize, Poetry in English: Yi Dian, poem "The river in darkness" and Yu Liansheng, poem "The Heroic Pursuing"

Second Prize, Poetry in English: Ada Aharoni, poem "Peace is a Woman and a Mother"

Third Prize, Poetry in English: Naftali Primor, poem "Stars are making love"

• Presidential Gold Medal WAAC and diploma to Mme Thea Marie Robert

• Presidential Medals of Congress WCP 32 for literary excellence and major contribution to the congress to selected poets and the Committee of Anthology, especially Susan Roberts.

Special mention should be made of the visit to the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of the children who died in concentration camps. At this visit, which is a “must” for all visitors to Israel, emotionally and sometimes tearfully we confronted the horror and agony of innocent people. It was a very strong testimony.

The XXXII Congress was a fruitful one, and so it gave birth – to an anthology, which came into the world under the title “XXXII World Academy of Arts and Culture”, written in the language of each poet who appears in its pages, with her/his photo and biography.

In addition, the “Golden Book of the World Academy of Arts and Culture”, written in four languages – English, Spanish, French and Chinese – was presented and distributed. This book is an invaluable encyclopedia, which covers the activities and personalities who passed through the WAAC during the period 1969 to 2012. This great effort put the finishing touch to the invaluable XXXII Congress convened by the World Academy of Art and Culture.

Among the highlights of the Congress are the unforgettable receptions given by the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel on behalf of its president Herzl Hakak and the Association of Writers in Spanish, under the direction of Mina Weil and Yael Vered and the IFLAC workshop chaired by Prof. Dr. Ada Aharoni.

On 7th September, 2012, an impressive Gala Dinner and regional dance event, which took place in Kfar Saba, marked the closing ceremony of the XXXII World Congress. Poets who had come from all over the world returned to their homeland with the taste of the Middle East in their hearts and feelings of gratitude to the organizers and institutions that had made this Congress possible:

Municipality of Kfar Saba-
Union of Hispano Mundial Writers -UHE-
International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace-
The Hebrew Writers Association in Israel-
General Union Writers in Israel-
Israel Association of Writers in Spanish-
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs-
Hug Iozrim Kfar Saba-
Beit Ha-Sofer-Modiin Israel
Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)
International Encounters of Arts and Poetry: The of the Seven Hills-
Magazine PROBUS-Mexico-
Literary Group "Almafuerte" - Argentina-
Institution Manuel Leyva A.C. and
International Society of Poets, Writers and Artists,
(SIPEA) - Mexico-

And we are sure, looking forward to participate again in the Congress next year, in Manila, when poetry and brotherhood for peace will bring together once more poets of the world, from all corners of the planet, in Peace and Harmony.

Dr. Graciela Nasif
Director of the final report

2. New Officers of the World Academy of Arts and Culture –WAAC. Executive Board Meeting on September 6, with participation of Maurus Young, Ernesto Kahan, Istvan Turczi, Eugenia Soberanis, Bei Ta, Dorothy Young and Michelle Wang

Patron: Yu Hsi

Executive Board

President: Maurus Young

1st Vice President and Secretary-General: Ernesto Kahan

2nd Vice President: G. Mend-Ooyo

3rd Vice President: István Turczi

Treasurer: Michelle Wang

Public Relations: Dorothy Young

Member: Afaa Michael Weaver

Member: Maria Eugenia Soberanis

Member: Milan Richter (last months without contact)

Member: Bei Ta

Member: Georges Chapouthier

3. WAAC Prizes 2012

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature 2012


Luis Alberto Ambroggio
Member of the Royal Spanish Academy and PEN

Eduardo González Viaña
Professor at Western Oregon University and member of the Academy of Spanish Language

Marga Mangione
Fundadora y Coordinadora del Grupo Literario “Almafuerte”

Graciela Nasif
Vice President of the Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)

Rubén Pasino
President of the Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences (SALAC)

Victoria Romero
– Founder and Editor of Magazine PROBUS – Mexico

Lucía Giaquinto -
Founder and Director of International Encounters of Art and Poetry: "La de las Siete Colinas"

Milagros Hernandez –
Director of WAAC Web Page

Hedva Robinson Bachrach –
Acclaimed poet and translator.

Rachelly Abraham-Eitan -
Editor and Producer of the Shvilim magazine

Back Bong-Soon <白 鳳順>

Poetess of Korea

You Ji-Tack <柳 志卓>
Poet of Korea

Bei Ta
Poet of China

Name list of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities 2012


Yair Mashiach
Director Culture, Youth and Sport Department. City of Kfar Saba – Israel

Dr. William C. Ho
Benefactor for universal culture and literature. – Taiwan

Winners of WAAC Presidential Medals 2012
二零一一年 院長獎章得主名單

1) Ernesto Kahan

2) Théa Marie Robert

4. Next WCP

33rd World Congress of Poetry (WCP) in Ipoh, Perak, MALAYSIA. October 2013

On behalf of Dr. Maurus Young and the WCP Executive Committee, we are glad to confirm that the next WCP will be held in Ipoh, the capital city of the state of Perak in Malaysia, October 2013.

It will be the 33rd WCP and the first time that a WCP is held in Malaysia, a member country of the Commonwealth with a multi-racial population and a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

A tentative program with costing has already been drawn up and we would like to inform participants that the inscription fees of 650 US dollars will include the following:-

a) 6-night stay with breakfast at Syuen hotel *** and both lunch and dinner will also be provided

b) participation to poetry reading sessions in your choice of language(English, Mandarin, French and Spanish )

c) meeting up with Malaysian poets who will read their poetry in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia

d) excursion trips to visit Ipoh and touristic sites in Perak

e) one-day return trip by train from Ipoh to KL to see the Twin Towers

f) contribution to the WCP’s anthology

Please take note that Malaysia has a hot, humid climate and you are advised to travel light. You need only your sunglasses, cotton wear like t-shirts, bermuda shorts, loose blouses or shirts and for ladies, long cotton skirts will be suitable for the day and evenings.

Upon arrival at the air-conditioned KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), don’t forget to look at the trees that are encased in glass. They are as old as the limestone hills in Malaysia.

The airport was built on pristine jungle.

More importantly, to reach us at Syuen hotel in Ipoh, you get on to the Yoyo bus and buy a one-way ticket for Ipoh that costs about 12 US dollars. After a two and a half hour ride on the bus, you will arrive in Ipoh, close to Syuen hotel where hotel staff will lead you to the venue. To appreciate the scenery from KL to Ipoh, it is advisable to arrive in Kuala Lumpur during the day.

The Yoyo bus service is available every three hours. If you are in a hurry, you can travel by limousine from the airport to Ipoh and it will cost about 50 US dollars per person.

We welcome our poet friends to Malaysia and we sincerely hope that you will make a special effort to participate in the 33rd WCP in Ipoh.

Wan Hua
Organiser (assisted by Dr.Georges Chapouthier aka Friedenkraft)
33rd WCP